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Gold Medal Blueberry Traditional Mead

First things first - there aren't any blueberries in this mead. This isn't a melomel, it's a traditional, which means all of your flavors will come from the honey itself. If you can get your hands on some great raw blueberry honey, use that! If not, use whichever honey is your favorite. If you can only get one jar of blueberry honey, use a mixture of varieties.

This recipe is adapted from the AHA 2015 homebrew competition gold medal winner in the traditional mead category. If you'd like to see the original, here's the link, but you must be an AHA member to access their recipes.

The adaptations we've made to this recipe include omitting equipment and techniques used by more advanced brewers, such as using a diffusion stone at the outset of primary, cycling different yeast nutrients such as Fermaid O, Go-Ferm, and Dap, adding potassium metabisulfate, and adding clarifying agents Kieselsol and Chitosan. The original recipe also used a keg to force carbonate, which requires a set of equipment that a beginner wouldn't have.

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Hoppy Blueberry Sparkling

Wild Fermented Hoppy Blueberry Sparkling Mead

Hoppy sounds like happy, which sounds like a good idea to me. This recipe is adapted from Meadists "Refreshing Blueberry Mead." I started off making a plain wild ferment, but right when I was about to rack from the bucket into secondary, I discovered their sparkling blueberry recipe which included 1 ounce of hops, which I happened to have in the fridge. I also happened to have a few bags full of blueberries in the freezer. Coincidence?

Their recipe was for a 5 gallon sparkling, but I was making a 1 gallon, so I pared everything down. The amount of hops will be an experiment, so I'll let you know how it goes!

By MeadCrafter

orange mead

Orange Spiced Short Mead

This is adapted from a recipe found on that is for a half gallon batch to fit into a 2 liter plastic juice jug fitted with a balloon airlock. I'm adapting it for my own use with gallon carboys and bubbler airlocks, but if you want to go the 2 liter jug route, just use half the amount of honey, water, and orange.

By MeadCrafter

Pineapple Lime

Pineapple Lime Mead

I've been really into adding pineapple to mead along with other fruit (strawberry pineapple is my best tasting mead to date, and blueberry pineapple is amazing). Lime is my favorite mead mixer - a splash of lime juice and an ice cube makes a young mead into a refreshing summertime cooler when I'm too impatient to wait for it to come of age. So, today I thought - let's put both of my favorite flavors together!

I'm going to be adding lime throughout my process because I want a few different layers of lime flavor to come through. If you're not so much into lime but you'd like a tiny bit of citrusy kick, you may want to add less at the start and add more to taste right before bottling.

By MeadCrafter

with tea

Strawberry Lemonade Mead

I made a ginger bug for a how-to vid, made my planned mead with it (a plain show mead and a blueberry), and had a bit of wild fermented must left at the bottom of the bucket. I had a biiizunch of strawberries in the fridge, but wanted to make something a little more interesting than plain ol' strawberry mead, so I added a cup of lemon juice. Here's how it went together! I'll update as it ages.

This recipe calls for a ginger bug because that's what went into mine, but feel free to pitch whatever yeast you darn well please.

By MeadCrafter

lemon mead image

Simple Lemon Mead

I wanted to drink this all up as soon as I made it, but meadmaking is about patience. I will overcome.

Just lemons, tannin, and honey - pretty much as basic as you can get. Enjoy. Tell us how you adapt this to your own style!

By MeadCrafter

dandelion mead

Dandelion Arnold Palmer Mead

Based on an amalgamation of all of the dandelion mead recipes we could get our hands on plus the addition of black tea bags to the dandelion tea, the lemon and black tea inspired us to call this the Arnold Palmer Dandelion Mead. This is the first mead in our Super Seasonal Mead Challenge - go pick some dandelions and make it with us!

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Strawberry Mead

Strawberry season is creeping up, but then again, it's always FROZEN strawberry season. This melomel is a great starter or crowdpleaser mead, and for good reason - it's easy to make, the ingredients are easy to acquire, and it's oh so tasty, sorta like (drunk) summer strawberry jam.

They say freezing strawberries prior to making your mead is actually better, so don't worry about losing out. Fresh or frozen - both are great.

By MeadCrafter


Spring & Summer Dandelion Mead

What could be a better homage to the sun that's FINALLY here than a sunny, perfectly yellow dandelion? Dandelion and honey mingling to create the drink of the gods seems about right.

Dandelions are around in the late spring and early summer. You'll need a ton of flowers, somewhere around 3 quarts per gallon of mead. Collect them as you go, ditching the greens and freezing the petals. Avoid picking foraged flowers from anywhere that could have been sprayed by pesticide or weed killer.

Add other foraged flowers (like lavender) to your mead as you see fit.

By MeadCrafter

honey with lemon

Syr Michael of York Mead

Syr Michael of York, who was raised in the East Kingdom, won many brewing competitions with this simple recipe. Give it a try!

By MeadCrafter

Why Mead?

While many have been enjoying mead for decades from their own home brewed batches and at special events, mead appreciation has very recently become a serious pursuit of commercial craft breweries, bringing many others into the family. Meadcrafter welcomes all new and old mead drinking brothers and sisters to our little corner of the mead world.

Mead is the great common cultural denominator — no matter which continent your ancestors walked, they probably drank mead. Let’s come together again over a sweet, heady bottle and toast our past and our future.

Let us know if you’d like us to add anything to our recipe collection, blog, or shop.

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